My dachshund Sophie

United States
August 12, 2009 7:24am CST
My dachshund Sophie is very protective. She was raised with our rather large brittany. He has a health problem and the other dogs in the house will pester him. Sophie will protect him and keep the other dogs away from him. She makes sure he is comfortable and watches over him. She is not like that with any people in the house or any other dogs, just him. It is just heart warming and sweet. It is like girlfriend and boyfriend. You can leave them together anywhere and always be assured that both are OK. He will never be mean to her and she is always watching out for him. Wonderful!!!!
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12 Aug 09
That is so cute! I have a daschund too, called Jack. He is really protective of the family, he is usually submisive with other dogs in the house though. Our Jack is the same colours as your Sophie too. Do you have any other daschunds in the house? We are thinking about getting another one or a chihuahua as he really liked it when my mums dog stayed with us for a week.