My mother used to make alot of my clothes,when i was kid.....

@icesmile (7172)
August 12, 2009 1:20pm CST
Do you ever made a piece of clothing for you? My grandmother used to all the time. When I was little I thought it was lame. Now that I'm grown and she is no longer here, I miss all of that. Now i try to make this too, just because in this way i can choice what color i like, in my own style. Do you like wear piece of clothing who you make yourself?
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@ds6413 (2073)
• United States
15 Aug 09
Hello, my grandmother used to make me shirts. I tried sewing one summer but it never really stuck with me.I wished I would have takem home ec. I had a cousin that used to be a model in Italy and his last profession was he was a coustume designer. I can put together outfits but I don't sew them myself.
@Preciousgem (1190)
• Philippines
13 Aug 09
My mother also does make a lot of clothes, since i was a kid, they also make a design for it, to make the clothes feel more attractive, even now he use to make a clothes, short, bed sheet,curtain and bags,because she use to it, and she made it correct.
• United States
12 Aug 09
I never made my own clothes. I don't even know how to sew really so that could be the reason. Maybe if I knew what I was doing I would give it a try.
@anniefannie (1743)
• United States
12 Aug 09
my mother made all of cloths when i was home and when i got old enough to sew i made my own cloths and still make some of them i made cloths for my children when they were small untill they started wearing geans all time.
@meapas (2434)
• India
12 Aug 09
My aunty makes beautiful sweaters for cold seasons. Everyone except me wears. Even my neighbours enjoy them very much.