Computer needs a new hard drive!

United States
August 13, 2009 10:43am CST
I finally got hold of my older brother who's a computer programer. I explained what was going on with my computer. It did not take long for him to teel what is wrong with it! I need a new hard drive! There is no way I want to take it somewhere to be fixed! I don't have the money! It will be alot cheaper to get it to my brothers and having him fix it! I'll have to wait until 8/22 to get it to him! He and his family will be on vacation until then! So until my computer is fixed I'll be using the computers at work!
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@icehut (508)
13 Aug 09
Did you ever attempt the system roll-back or in-situ repair installation as I'd suggested in reply to another of your discussions regarding your computer? The issue appears to be a damaged Windows installation which can be fixed quite easily.
• United States
14 Aug 09
Huh? I have no idea what you said! I've extremely naive when it comes to computer problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I trust my brother's opinion! HE IS A COMPUTER PROGRAMER FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!! I can't even figure out how to copy then paste! I have no idea how to properly set up my scanner! I can't figure out how to get photo's on Mylot! I have some on my computer and can't remember how I did it! I've a f###ing idiot when it comes to computers! That is why I ask for help! GEEZ!