What are the benefits of being single?

@Informer (803)
August 13, 2009 12:18pm CST
There are people who live alone. Their families don't live with them. So is there anyone who can tell me benefits of being single? and living alone?
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@raj_ka (431)
• India
19 Aug 09
Being single can help you escaping from family burdens, finicial burdens and new relationships. you can do anything in your life no one to stop you.
@zoey7879 (3104)
• United States
14 Aug 09
The biggest advantages I've seen: More financial freedom - no one yelling because you spend $20 on yourself Responsibility - You'll have only yourself to blame Guilt - You wont feel guilty if you come home two laters than planned because you wanted to spend more time with "the girls" or "the boys" Housekeeping - Only yourself to clean up after and no one to complain if you dont xD
@surfermac (466)
• India
14 Aug 09
you are your master there is no one to stop you but you have to control your self in order to make yourself most successful you need not spend out for anyone you can just spend all that you earned for your self etc etc ........
@partha79 (74)
• India
14 Aug 09
i am single person in my family. sometimes i feel boring but single life has more time to think. and this thinking helps me in my personal life. so i also enjoy my life also. lol
• India
13 Aug 09
first of al u r not dependant on anyone.....n you can go whereever you want n live your own life without any restriction