another silly question about posting - sorry old timers!

August 13, 2009 5:17pm CST
In order to get a large response to your discussion, is it better to post them in INTERESTS that have large member quotas, rather than INTERESTS that have fewer members? I wonder about this, as there may be an INTEREST which is more specific to my discussion but then when I see the amount of members it has, I wonder if it will be a waste of time posting it there and should instead choose LIFE, PEOPLE or a more popular one etc. Angelie
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@riani2009 (581)
• Indonesia
14 Aug 09
Dear friend, Actually, I join mylot just want to have friends and also to practice my writing skill. I enjoy mylot because I learn from a lot discussion about the variety of topics relating to our life in universe. It is so lively and broaden my view of life since I learn to give tolerance with other regardless the differences that we have in multicultural background. So, I feel happy if my friends give me responses for the discussion I start. But, I won't be disappointed if my friends don't give me responses. May be, my topic is too common. I only choose to make respond if I feel that I have idea to write a comment and the topic is interesting. So, I decide to make respond randomly and based on my interest. The most important thing is enjoying the moment with mylot..hehehe Riani
• India
14 Aug 09
Hi, Riani, thank you. Yes but sometimes I feel there are little techniques to know how to optimize the responses as it's much more fun when you have lots of people responding, otherwise it can get bit lonely. So sometimes, TIME, PLACE aswell as content have to be considered. Take care hun. Angelie
@dpk262006 (56563)
• Delhi, India
15 Aug 09
Hi there! I think that subject matter of the discussion should be posted in the proper 'INTEREST' section rather than posting it in appropriate section, just because more users are members of that INTEREST group. Sometimes, it is tricky to decide the group, in that case, I suppose the interest group 'Life' or 'people' is the safest bet. I have observed few users posting 'relationship' issues on 'mylot' interest section, which looks bizarre to me. I post most of my discussions in the section 'People', because I talk about human beings or rather my discussions relate to human activities. Number of responses, I believe, depends upon many factors rather than 'interest' group, in which a discussion is posted. My dear friends/other members respond to my discussions, if it has some and substance in it, rather than category of 'interest' of my discussions. Good Post!