Are we Becoming Slaves

August 14, 2009 9:11am CST
In view of the ever growing technological advancements have you ever wondered whether we are becoming a slaves to this technological devices? We can never imagine a world without computers now they are a part and parcel of the life.. likewise all the devices have become a part of our life.... R we really becoming a slaves to them? is it true that we cannot live without them?
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@magic9 (981)
• China
14 Aug 09
hi, I don't believe so and instead, I think we are the master of these technology advances in most cases. see? We decide how to write a computer program, we manipulate the modern machines and engines. If talking about slavery, I think many of us are becoming the slaves of money including myself.
@sagnik42 (3598)
• India
14 Aug 09
magic, I would love to contradict your response. You see, a computer programme is written by only a handful of people. The others are absolutely dependent on the programme for everyday use. General public cannot make a microwave or a cell phone but we are absolutely dependant on them. I think you see my point. So we are infact becoming technology's slave.
• India
15 Aug 09
I think eventhough people make a decision not fall in the trap of technology they are forced to follow it.. In some offices if u dont know how to use a certain software u are fired..... Your job is given to someone else.. I think we are being forced to use the technology
@patofgold23 (5075)
• Philippines
14 Aug 09
hi madug..... you made a point there....... we are becoming too dependent on technology that we couldn't function normally anymore when our microwave is broke, or when we leave our cellphone in the house, or when we don't have heat dryer.... they never had that in the ston-age yet they survived