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Bangalore, India
August 14, 2009 12:20pm CST
India's National Game is Hockey. But most of the Indians are interested in Cricket.I dont know why Cricket is not considered as the National Game of India. Apart from cricket there are a number of games which is favourable in many parts of the country.Football is one such game.This game is widely played in many parts of the country and all states have football teams. Every year there will be Tournament for the Santhosh Trophy. The States of West Bengal, Kerala , Goa and Punjab is famous for foot ball. Volley Ball is also played across India and there are good players . Another widely accepted game is Basket Ball.Khabadi is also played across India. I like to know what games are Philippines favourites and is there any Games are considered as the National Games.Is the country encourage the sports and games ? I love to watch the Football matches than Cricket. In this discussion I wanted to know which is your Favourite Game
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@24Champ (465)
14 Aug 09
The Philippines is particularly fascinated with four sports that start with the letter B. These are "boxing", "basketball", "billiards", and "bowling". The country has produced world-class athletes from these sports (except in basketball although there was once a time in the 1960s that the Philippines is the best in Asia). Cricket is not popular in the Philippines. I know it is very popular in India. I have three Indian flatmates here in UK and they always watch and talk about cricket. Other common sports beng played in the Philippines include badminton, tennis, ping-pong, soccer (football), baseball, and volleyball. Filipinos are also into other contact sports or martial arts like taekwondo, karate, and judo.