I am a computer idiot!

United States
August 14, 2009 2:18pm CST
Yes it is true! I was trying to get help when i posted discussions on this topic!All this stuff is like a another language to me! That is why I have insulted people! I feel insulted myself and I don't like it! Until people stop insulting me I won't quit! I've been taken advantage all my life anf it has to stop!NOW! If this discussion gets deleted I don't care! I also don't like people insulting me by saying I don't have good discussions! That to me is an insult! A big one! So knock it off! I'm also a woman not a man! I won't make excuses for my Mylot user name or that I don't have a photo of myself on my avater! Do what you must! I really don't care!
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• India
15 Aug 09
Haha! Your discussion sounds funny! I have not yet figured it out!
• United States
20 Aug 09
My discussion is not funny! I am being really serious here! Butthead!
• United States
14 Aug 09
That's not nice insulting someone for no reason. I am sorry that you had to meet people like that. So far I havent met anyone like that. But I also have my husband here here at mylot, whom will stop the insults in a hurry. I dont have a photo on my avatar either yet. I hope everything goes ok for you. Dont worry things will look up.