Our very thought and words have power...

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August 14, 2009 6:10pm CST
I am a believer. I believe that god when he created the world in seven days he created it as a whole and that everything under the sun or in the stars above if a part of that creation. I believe God gave each of us power beyoned our true understanding. I also belive that our very words and thoughts have power. for the last week if not longer I have been asking God to work a few things our for me. I have been Thanking God for his making me sucessful and resolve my car issues I have been having. Well today after hours or trying to settle my car trobles i was ready to give up i felt like god was trying to show me somethng but this issue with the car had take so much of my attention. When i gave almost all the way up on getting things to where i needed them tobe. I quieted myself and prayed. in those prayers i thank got for working it all out and resolving the issues with the car. i fell asleep in the mist of my prayers. I was a little more calm when o woke. and Somone gave me what i needed for my car. See right befor e i fell off to sleep i had the thought that i was trying to make a door way of my own to make this things happen. before me making my own door way normally came with a large price and it hurt in the long run. In my actions i leaned a lot... I am not sure if this message /post will help somone or ease a mind but just because you can see a way a way is there for you. Don't stop thank ing him for what you want.
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15 Aug 09
This is why you most be careful for what you wish for and mind your thoughts and curses towards others...there is a reason old curse casters like witches end up turning haggedy in time.
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15 Aug 09
I am a believer of god all so. I am having car troubles all so. As a matter of fact my life is upside down right now. I have been praying every day. And Jesus has helped me . My father is letting my son and I live him for a few months, so I can save money and get my self together.( My father really did not want to.)I no Jesus is real, And if I continue to keep my faith and thank him for the things I have and need I will be OK. Because Jesus has my back no matter what. Thank you for your message I needed it. God Bless
@mrakobesie (1246)
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14 Aug 09
It's all about simple physics. in 1930s it was descovered that everything in this world produces a vibration, even thoughts. these vibration effect everything around them. one vibration can effect the body and heal it while another can harm the body. I don't belive in god, but this power is indeen in us because we can produce vibrations that effect our lifes and everything around us. there are people who are very negative and the vibrations fromthem effect others and change their attitude as well. at the same time someone who is happy can make others happy by simply being close to them. we also have a power in our own mind to make some things happen, the part of the brain responsible for it is the one that is mostly inactive. in people who have special abilities, like seeing future for example these parts of the brain are active though. we can all do these facinating things, we just have to learn how to control it and we have to develop it in us.