Whale wars

United States
August 15, 2009 8:32am CST
There is a show on the animal planet called whale wars about a conversation society trying to stop japanese whaling. The japanese claim they only hunt and kill the whales for "scientific experiments". If this was true then why would they need to kill so many everyday? To me it is obvious this is just an excuse to get around the International Whaling Commissions decision to stop commercial whaling in 1982. What do you think and what do you think about the group of people trying to stop the japanese from killing the whales? I personally support them all the way.
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@gobama (55)
• Philippines
16 Aug 09
i too personally support them groups that are trying to stop whale hunting and also dont forget it is also done in Iceland where the whales meat are intended for domestic consumption.but can our support really help?
• United States
18 Aug 09
I think if enough people protest it and others like the sea shepherd crew keep doing what they are doing it could possibly make a big difference.
@jb78000 (15173)
15 Aug 09
they haven't been at all subtle about it either - it's obvious what the whales are being killed for and there's no great effort to hide it.
• United States
16 Aug 09
Yea this is true thats why I am 100% behind the sea shepherd crew for doing what they are doing.