Who is the greatest scientist in the world?

August 15, 2009 10:23am CST
Who is the greatest scientist in the world? In my opinion he is Albert Einstein. He with the new viewing have seen the natural different with everybody and he correct in many cases. People know many new things about the energy, universal, light, astronomy from him. he's always make the new revolution in every field.
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• Philippines
15 Aug 09
For me the greatest scientist of all is Nikola Tesla, the scientist who lit the world. He is one of the unsung heroes because he is not so rewarded and popular but really makes difference when it comes to invention.
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
12 Aug 12
I agree that the greatest scientist is Nikola Tesla. Many of his inventions have not yet applied. And could fundamentally change the world.
@Informer (803)
• India
15 Aug 09
Hi Friend, I admire all the people or you can say scientists as all have contributed to make what we are using these days and enjoying our lives. I think all have done great job, even if a person who invented a pin to stitch clothes or a person who invented airplane.