What you think about Windows 7?

United States
August 15, 2009 1:25pm CST
Well i have like 1 month will windows 7 and it works great for me is awesome and i like the graphics and the desing what about you guys?
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@hsb123 (34)
• India
16 Aug 09
Windows 7 is the most anticipated Windows OS from Microsoft. After Windows Vista failed to lived its hyped launched, Microsoft has revamped Windows interface, added more security features, more graphics, stability ... i means to say that Microsoft is launching a Windows after getting inspired from Mac OS leapard. Hope Windows 7 lives upto the hype it is given.
• United States
16 Aug 09
I like Windows 7. Its better and works better on my laptop than Windows Vista did.
15 Aug 09
I installed it on my computer so far, the RTM version, it works and looks great with awesome Aero and graphical features. The performance is quicker and snappier than Vista or XP on a clean install. I look forward to buying the Ultimate version of Windows 7 when it comes out.
@aurerm (371)
• Switzerland
15 Aug 09
I ran some tests with it. I am quite impressed. I seems really fast, also the tools I need run perfectly. I didn't have time for detail testing yet. Somehow I feel Microsoft did a lot of things right this time. If the real version is out I am going to upgrade my main machine to Windows 7. My Vista installation now is ~2 year old and I guess its time for a complete reinstall.
@Renhard (3480)
• Jamaica
15 Aug 09
I have not get to put it on my computer as my computer is too of a low performance to make it work. My friend had it though and i get to see what it is like. It look great and i really love it. It seems great too bad i cant get it to work on my computer.