my new kitten.

@kitty42 (3909)
United States
August 15, 2009 4:54pm CST
To all the Kitten/Cat lovers out there can you give me some advice on what to do, what not to do,I am new at this and really want to do things right, we had him neutered that went well he is doing fine, I tried to reward him but over feeding the poor thing so he threw up a few times, but that is fixed as well, will not do that again I need all the advice I can get,thank you in advance.
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@bunnybon7 (38391)
• Holiday, Florida
4 Oct 09
i dont know whats up with the previous responder cats are wonderful and there are TONS of cat lovers here. its just that maybe you didnt have enough of them as friends when you started here. they can be very good companions. they wont leave "droppings"? as the previous responder said if they either go out a lot(but i was always afraid to let mine out) or if you get them litter trained and always keep their litter clean. they dont like using a dirty box. for they are very clean animals given the chance to be so.
@kitty42 (3909)
• United States
4 Oct 09
Hello my friend Thank you so much for responding to this, when I got the notification I am reading and saying huh? lol been a while since I started this discussion, I love my kitty he will be with us forever, pay misterwit no attention, pets will be better away from him anyway lol I think you are right, this was one of my first discussions didn't have many friends, if any at all lol. Thanks again.
@gabs8513 (48714)
• United Kingdom
31 Oct 09
I know this is an old one Kitty, all I will say is love the little one, show him that he will be secure and loved with you, I used to have Cats and they where all wonderful, I am more a Dog Person and only have a little Dog now the one you see on my Avatar But I used to have a Dog and 5 Cats and they where all like my Babies and they loved the Kids to as we are all Animal Lovers Just love him hug him and do what you would do for a Child as Pets are like Children