Is Swine Flue Pandemic A Collective Divine Punishment For Pork Eaters......??

@awapak (1277)
August 15, 2009 10:06pm CST
Hi all readers !! This pandemic is spreading in many countries where pork is eaten and not prohibited.The world saw such pandemic in Spain about 90 years back which took about 100 Million people lives.Then 42 years back this type of virus started in China causing one Million deaths.According to Western medical researchers pigs can generate 57 diseases,out of which 57 diseases are transmitted to human bodies by eating pork.This may be the reason that God Almighty had prohibited eating pork in almost all the old religions.He wanted that human beings should not suffer from these diseases.The final Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)had clearly predicted that Jesus(pbuh)will kill the pig after his second coming.In Islam its eating and business is prohibited and even Jews donot eat pork.What other religions say about it ??
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• Malaysia
17 Aug 09
just curious ... - why did god create Pig ?? - what about Hand and Mouth disease ~ it comes from the cows - what about Bird flu ~ it comes from the birds Is god punshing overall human race or asking all human to become VEGETARIAN ?? cheers
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@vandana7 (70516)
• India
18 Aug 09
Well, vegetarians. U can get kidney problems with too much of greens and tomatoes. And too much of potato and rice is bad for diabetes. White bread is also bad. Did god want us to eat at all. I think may be not. lol. Having said that I do believe that there are some diseases that get into our blood from animals. Since it is not possible to monitor the genetic composition of an entire animal, it might be wiser to avoid them. Especially since these microbes can modify themselves suiting to their new host. But this will possibly lead to food problems. I think I will stick to my end of it and thank all those who eat non-veg, and hope nothing happens to them.
@urbandekay (18311)
16 Aug 09
No, that is one of the silliest suggestions I have heard for a long time. Properly butchered and cooked pork is free from infection. all the best urban
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@skysuccess (8881)
• Singapore
17 Aug 09
awapak, Just out of curiosity, how did you arrive to this preposterous conclusion? I am sorry and no offense taken, I just find that you are a little backdated and ignorant. In case you are not aware, Pakistan already has Swine Flu case and I assume that your country does not eat and handle pork. And in case you are still unconvinced, your papers are declaring Swine Flu Pandemic is Man-Made. Ah, so! Now, can we start pointing fingers or conclude preposterously? I don't think so, and I think you should know the reasons for doing so. Ref: Swine Flu in Pakistan Swine Flu is Man-Made
@Gordano (789)
• United States
18 Aug 09
but skysuccess, don't you think that your response will be more reasonable if you avoid using heinous words such as backdated and ignorant ? specially when you come with nothing new in your response, and the fact that swine flu doesn't differentiate between pork eaters and non pork eaters is mentioned above.
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