What's your experience with organic food?

@his0yir (258)
August 16, 2009 8:53am CST
There have been lots of discussion on organic food recently, among which concerns people most is if organic food really really benifits your health. The opinions diverse considerably and the cost of organic food has the most attention: is it really worth it? I don't intend to lead the discussion to pros and cons of organic food. It is a very extensive and controversial issue. Let scientists, environmentlists, farmers and health experts to carry on their debate. All I want to know is your personal experience with organic food. Have you tried it? How long have you tried it? Do you feel any difference? How happy are you with organic food? I was suggested by my GP four years ago to try organic food. Since I was not in a very healthy condition at that time (no illness but just didn't feel right), I listened to his advice promptly. I looked for all possible organic choice in supermarket and only lived on organic food, ie. totally organic. After a month, I felt the difference. I didn't feel exhausted in the middle of the day; I recovered faster after workout; my skin was better; my sleep pattern was more regular and I didn't feel tired in the morning when getting up. It was more like being refreshed. Because I selected carefully, my food expense only went up by £5 per week. Please share with us your experience.
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• India
13 Apr 10
Iam consuming the organic supplements and it has really a good and beneficial effects. I feel fresh and always brisk even after a long day work. Organic foods are not only rich in nutritions but has enormous health benefits.
• United States
9 Feb 10
If you buy cheap lentils, peas and other legumes, and make soups, instead of spending money on the packaged crap you can eat healthy, simply make a few changes in your staples pantry and you'll find that it actually doesn't cost any more. If you need tips and tricks let me know. I would love for everyone to be healthy.
@zzh728 (68)
• China
5 Nov 09
It is believed that health is above wealth. So I think organic foo is really worth it. But it is too expensive for the poor.