What happen to Mario now ?

August 16, 2009 10:44am CST
At the age of 5 years i usually spend all my money to play video games specially mario,,my mother always tell me about not play daily this mario game. but i liked it very much and still i have this game in my Pc...But past few years i never heard abt the mario new version ...i don't know what happen to the makers of mario ?
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23 Nov 09
Well little Mario has done quite well for himself and so has his creaters Nintendo. Mario first started out in 1981 Donkey Kong but then he was known as Jumpman. He starred in 7 more Donkey Kong games up to 1983. In 1983 Mario starred in his first debut Arcade Game called Mario Bros. He also starred in 5 Game and Watch Games. During the years Mario has many guest appearances in various games. In 1985 history was made when Super Mario Bros was released on the Nes. Also Mario made an appearance in Wrecking Crew for Nes. In 1986 further Mario Games were made including Super Mario Bros 2 on the Famicom disk system. Also more Donkey Kong games were released and also some Arcade games. In 1987 Mario made a guest appearance in Punch Out! as a referee. In 1988 further Mario games were released. These included Dnkey Kong games on Arcade, Atari and Nes. The most notable releases in 1988 are Super Mario Bros 2 and the mighty Super Mario Bros 3. In 1989 further games were released on Nes, Arcade, Game boy and Game and Watch. One of the best was Super Mario Land and a guest appearance in Tetris. In 1990 history was made again with the release of Super Mario World on the Snes. Also Dr Mario was first released. In 1991 games were made for Game and Watch, Game boy, Nes, Snes, MS-DOS and PC. One of these games was Yoshi. In 1992 Super Mario Kart was first released and in the future would enjoy great success. Mario Paint and Super Mario Land 2 were also released along with a few other MS-DOS and NES games. In 1993 Super Mario All-Stars was released (My first Mario Game ^_^) on the Snes, Other releases were Early Years Games and other Snes and a Nes game. In 1994 Hotel Mario was released in the CD-i..... Other releases included Marios Time Machine and Donkey Kong 94. In 1995 Super Mario World 2 was released along with many Mario Picross games were released along with many gameboy and many Snes games. 1996 was a great year for Mario fans with the release of Super Mario 64 on NG4. The first 3D mario game. Also Super Mario RPG was released on the SNES. In 1997 Mario Kart 64 was released and Mario made more guest appearances in other games. In 1998 the first Mario Party Game was released. More guest appearances followed. In 1999 the great and mighty Super Smash Bros was released along with Mario Party 2, Mario Golf and Game and Watch Gallery 2. In 2000 Paper Mario was first released along with Mario Tennis, Mario Party 3(man Mario has alot of Parties!!) and also Mario Artist. 2001 was packed with Mario releases including Dr Mario 64, Super Mario Advance, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Luigis Mansion(Luigi finally gets his own GOOD solo game!) and Super Smash Bros Melee. In 2002 Super Mario Advance 2 was released along with Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Advance 3, Mario Party 4 and Game and Watch Gallery 4. In 2003 Super Mario Advance 4 was released. Also there was Mario Golf and Mario Kart on the Gamecube, Mario Party 5 and Mario and Luigi superstar saga. In 2004 Mario Golf, Mario vs Donkey Kong, Paper Mario and the thousand year old door, Mario Power Tennis and uper Mario 64 DS was released. In 2005 the main releases were Super Princess Peach, Mario Party 7, Mario Strikers, Mario Kart DS, Mario and Luigi Partners in Time and Yoshi Touch and Go. In 2006 New Super Mario Bros(love), Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 and Yoshis Island DS plus others. In 2007 Super Paper Mario(Extra love), Mario Party 8, Super Mario Galaxy(Super Love) and Mario Party DS(come on enough with the parties :-P) and others. In 2008 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games(*_*), Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl and others Now 2009(FINALLY!! lol) New Super Mario Bos Wii, Mario and Luigi Bowsers Inside Story, Mario and Sonic and the Winter Olympic Games!!....and others. What happened to the creaters? Nintendo released the Gamecube.....it failed. Gameboy handhelds did well though. Wii was released along with DS. Nintendo are filled with cash!!
@Cheeech (20)
• Israel
7 Oct 09
Whhat?? Theres like, millions of mario games Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Baker(just kidding about the baker) You had Mario, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, and now we have Mario Galaxy on the WII and the "New Super Mario Bros." on NDS!
@Entreri (72)
• China
26 Aug 09
There is a new mario game called new mario brothers in NDS.. You can try it.. I have finished it and it's very interesting ..I think you will like it ..
• United States
20 Aug 09
umm.......................... there making a mario galaxy 2 for the wii and they are also making a supper mario game for the wii they made a mario cart for the wii they made a supper mario game for the ds they made a mario socoer game for the wii and also for the gamcube
• United States
16 Aug 09
This was a great arcade game! My favorite arcade game was Defender by Williams. I was also a BIG asteroids fan. I think Mario grew up, put on a suit and got a real job (poor sap)and is now living in the burbs. He has a wife, 3 kids, a dog and a cat, and sees his mistress twice a month and drives his suv to the golf course every Saturday.