My Speakers gives a weird noise help me PLS

August 16, 2009 11:42am CST
Hi mylot members .. well when i scroll down in a web page my speakers gives a weird screeching noise like grrrr grrrr like that .. even when i watch movies and while playing games also when i right click to refresh .. i dis connected my speakers and used a microphone / headset .. but still i had the same problem .. pls help me to know where is the problem is it speakers or motherboard or grafic card ....Happy mylotting..
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• India
16 Aug 09
have u checked sound manager u can get that in control panel which speaker u have
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• United States
20 Aug 09
I know exactly what is happening! Computers have slots in which you can plug certain card such as video or SOUND cards. However many people have gaming VIDEO cards in their computers which happen to have FANS ON THEM!!! this circulation of air causes vibrations, as well as dust particles to interact with your sound card. THIS CAUSES STATIC! What you can do is open up your computer door panel, and remove any dust from the cards. Then (if you can) Move the sound card to a different slot where there is not a fan close by. Pretty much move anything which can increase the distance between fans and moving air and your audio card. GOOD LUCK! PS. Beware of static, it's best to open your computer on a tile surface so as not to case static like you would see on a carpet.
@Ayoosh16 (194)
• India
27 Sep 09
mAN I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUT BUT IT SEEMS ARE A GAMING FREAK. i also had the same problem and i changed my computer. But my video card didnt had fans. i later found the problem was the excess of carbon and moisture in my pc's speakers!!!. Leave that, i currently have creative speakers. Which speakers do you have
• China
9 May 10
You may change a new one, I know a website that sells microphones, I have bought there several times,
@ferdzNK (3214)
• Philippines
16 Aug 09
Welcome to myLot Anbuselvan, Mine has tugs tugs tugs when something bump in my speaker connectors, it is due to loose or poor contacts in the connectors. A cable replacement is what I need. Observe carefully when you can hear it, if only when you move something, even if it just a mouse cable brushing your speaker cable, then we might have the same problem. Also check your cable to for sign of wear and tear. You can also try reinstalling your audio driver because yours is somewhat in a different tune. Post more and enjoy while doing it.