Chuck Liddell Retirement

@wergild (189)
August 17, 2009 1:33am CST
When he was still a young upstart and underdog, I was really amazed on how chuck Liddell demolished every one on his path. See him take a beating and then beat others in return and I'm not talking about puny fighters. He devastated guys like randy couture, jeremy horn, babalu sobral and his last fight with wanderlei. All throughout his fights, the same scenario just keeps repeating itself: the other opponent stalks and chases chuck across the cage and lets out a flurry of punches. chuck backs up and backpedals as he gets hit and try to parry the blows. When the opponent advances to far Chuck lowers the boom and unleashed his right hand. Either the opponent wakes up with concussions or losses a tooth. That's chuck for you. The iceman. But it seems that he has already lost that iceman indestructibility. Rampage Jackson floors his cold and even gets out punched by Shogun, Keith Jardine and even almost got beaten by the axe murder silva. Now comes the threat of retirement. You think the Iceman should retire or he still have one more fight to cement his greatness? Should he just hang out the gloves or take another shot?
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@awaha81 (23)
• United States
15 Sep 09
I'd like to see Chuck fight one last time. Since Couture is going to take on the light heayweight division again I think that would be an excellent fight for him to finish his career with.
• Philippines
4 Sep 09
Chuck Lidell is one of the most exciting fighters in UFC history. That made him a future hall of famer. His popularity has been great that he was invited to join the famous TV reality show "dancing with the stars". Also he has played minor roles in movies if I am not mistaken. Fighters like him doesn't come often in history so he is considered a treasure in the sports of MMA particularly the UFC where he made a great name.