its is true that london bride is falling down?

@jen14ed (868)
August 17, 2009 1:47am CST
i walk in the mall and i hear some people say london bride is falling down falling down I'm so curious about it i know shes not serious to speak shes singing london bride is falling down I'm afraid to what happen in london bride is its true that london bride is falling down..
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• India
17 Aug 09
Hi jen14ed, nice to meet you here. As 1 user stated above, its just a song. I am from India and i love that song from my childhood. I remember when my mother used to play that song in tape through audio cassette. I love the chorus when childrens say "Falling down.. Falling down.." remembering my memories.. have a nice time!
• Philippines
17 Aug 09
London Bridge - Is not falling down.. _
What i know is London bridge id just a song not literally falling down. Jen14ed, you are truly funny for posting this topic. You could have posted the link you were talking about so that we could also read the same article you have read.