What is your Favorite Eyeliner?

@AddieY (67)
United States
August 17, 2009 10:53am CST
Every woman has her favorite brands of make up, well her favorite brands of anything for that matter. I know I use a black eyeliner pencil from MAC which I absolutely love. It just comes off so smooth, makes nice thin lines and has lasted me a while. I also fill in my eyebrows with a dark brown liner pencil from NYX because they carry a brown that I cant find anywhere else. What is your favorite eye liner pencil?
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@kel1483 (986)
• United States
11 Apr 10
I usually use NYC brand eyeliner. It's super cheap. It used to be really good, but the last couple I bought weren't as good as the used to be. I also have some Wet N Wild powdered eyeliner. I love that. You mix it with a sealer to make a liquid liner. I am not working, so I just have to go for whatever makeup is cheapest.
@donna22 (1120)
4 Mar 10
I like Benefit Bad Gal eye liner because although it is pretty expensive it really works! It is quite thick but you get a really good line with it. Its rather creamy and goes on your skin really well. I find some cheaper ones you can hardly see and really have to press hard, whereas this one kinda glides onto your skin.
• United States
31 Dec 09
I like rimmel, It is more of a crayon and I find it smoother to apply. I just recently tried the glitter liquid liner from Victorias Secret. i dont wear it everyday, but it is fun to wear on my upper lid for a night out, it just takes some practice to use and I put it over my shadow.
3 Sep 09
My favourite eyeliner is Urband Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye pencil. It's just a really good eye liner. It's soft and goes on smooth and they are waterproof.
@pp_earn (210)
• India
17 Aug 09
Hi!!!I mainly like Lakme brand of makeup.I previously used various brands of eyeliners but they were not so smooth and giving thin and fine lines but last year my brother gifted me an imported makeup box and i love that liner because its so fine my eyes look perfectly well, beautiful and it does not seem that you have put the eyeliner....it just seems natural.By the way, my favourite brand is "Lakme".
@kmaram (2535)
• Philippines
17 Aug 09
Hi there, well i dont have any particular brand when it comes to my eye liner. I just used eye liner recently and now i am using one from revlon. It was a gift from my hubby. I like it because when i put it in my eyes i feel that it makes my eyes look better . It was easy to manage and so far dont have problem using it. But i am still open to use other brand, keep on mylotting