Whoever produces Big Brother must like bullies

@Fortunata (1136)
United States
August 17, 2009 1:03pm CST
Why hasn't Big Brother come down on Russell, like they have Chima? Chima got reined in by the prodcution crew for cussing and yelling, why don't they do the same to Russell? I really loathe this guy-he reminds me of people I used to go to school with, bullying people all day long. I'll bet he gets into lots of fights, too. Viewers griped about Jessie sleeping all day long, but at least he never bullied like Russell. Michelle with her phd. just showed she has no common sense by keeping the bully in the house. The longer they keep him in there, the sorrier they'll be. Just desserts for the goody two shoe group, I say.
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@sunshine4 (8709)
• United States
19 Aug 09
Russell didn't break any of the rules. They aren't allowed to hit other contestants and he didn't do this. He just argued with them. Chima broke the rules. She threw the microphone in the pool. She didn't follow the instructions when told to go to the diary room ect. She was just totally disrespectful to the producers and staff. Argueing with the other houseguests is good tv. Disrespecting the shows producers is totally different.
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@lelin1123 (15644)
• Puerto Rico
17 Aug 09
I used to watch this show the first maybe 5 seasons if that. I got tired of the bullying and the stupidity of the show. How people were acting towards each other. I couldn't take the negative aspect of it anymore and just stopped watching.