Do you blame lovers who kiss each other in the public?

August 17, 2009 1:24pm CST
To see peoples who love each other and kiss in public places is something wrong in your country? Do you think that is not moral to kiss your lover, hus/wife in the public? Is a love sign or is a sin? Here people see this as a normal thing, is nothing curious, lovers kiss each other everywhere. What do you think about this?
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@rmuxagirl (7562)
• United States
5 Mar 10
I honestly cannot blame coupkes who peck in public, but a full on make out session in public is a little inappropriate. I think a peck in public is a sign of affection, that you want to the world to see that you love that person. I have no qualms about kissing my boyfriend after he opens my car door but no tongue or anything a small peck. Sweet, simple and still meaningful.
@Jezebella (1446)
• United States
25 Feb 10
I kiss my boyfriend in public but it isn't like a make out session. I give him a peck on the lips when he opens my door. I dont think there is anything wrong with that but when it is a make out session making people think "oh get a room" then yea there is a problem.
@nocturn98 (956)
• Venezuela
25 Feb 10
I think it is alright to kiss in public as long as it's a decent kiss. It would be wrong if you see people kissing like they're sucking each other's faces out.
@daliaj (5689)
• India
25 Feb 10
It is not my cup of tea. Nobody will kiss in public in my country. It is not our culture. I think that kissing is something which is not required to be exercised n public. It is their personal matter and they can keep it personal. We should also think about the feelings of teenagers, single people, windows, etc. watching the kissing. I believe that it should not be exercised in public.
@Ammudoll (549)
• India
23 Aug 09
In our country it is not allowed to kiss in public places and I used to blame seeing those who used to kiss eachother in a public garden but after I fell in love with him even I started kissing in public places but we both try to hide ourselves not letting others to watch us. If the place is too crowded then we just sit and talk and will not go beyond that.
@icesmile (7172)
• Romania
17 Aug 09
I like when i see people who love each other, this can be so refreshing. And i like when they kiss each other, of course in good sense limits, not a very sxy kiss, this is for home. But why not, hand in hand, maybe in a nice day, you want kiss your hus/wife...and why not?
• Philippines
17 Aug 09
No, because it's their right to kiss each other in public..even though some thinks it's Public Display of Affection. this is the modern times now, how can it be such a immoral thing. there was even a Lovalooza festival of lovers kissing each other in public of over thousand couples!. some times i do blame..coz it makes me jealous
• Qatar
17 Aug 09
Hi marianna :) being loved by someone its ok its not something bad or sin but how to translate this love into action in front of people would certainly something morally bad by kissing and hugging coz kids sure would be around and families there would mind that to happen , if the couples want to do such as thing they have there own home and they would be free to do what ever they want but not in front of the public as there would be nations and have different point of view !!