The new Xbox 360 update brings along the avatar marketplace....and awards!

August 17, 2009 1:59pm CST
Hey all! This discussion is more-so directed at anybody with an XBOX 360, and was involved in the free update that brought along the avatar marketplace. Does anyone know of any of the avatar awards? Which games have it already? A way to KIND of know which ones WILL have an avatar award is when you pop the game in your 360, let it load, and a pop up states that there is a patch update. So far from my games, I've noticed this happened for Uno...this is all the time I had for games over the weekend hee hee. Did anyone managed to get an avatar award yet? Or noticed any games that now currently listed it from your avatar menu as an available award to BE rewarded to you? Or know how to gain this avatar? I can't seem to find any pictures yet, but give it time of course, the update was only last week, the 11th of August I believe it was, 2009 of course. I expect Fable 2 to have some, since I've noticed the lovely "Corset" is available for purchase in the marketplace...*cross fingers*
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• Ireland
29 Aug 09
gotta admit im a avid gamer to but ya just gotta love the avatars they add more to your gamer tag which you should be prowd of and it gives the players some idea what you look like unless your wearing a big daddy helmet that doesnt help
• Canada
31 Aug 09
This is true too - knowing what people look like, IF people are telling the truth that is, because this may very well turn into what had began in Chatrooms before avatars existed lol. Funny/Scary/F'ed-up story, playing uno the other day, just a random game, and one of the people from the group messages me, asking me to befriend him, because my avatar was "hot", what the heck does he expect to happen? It's a fricking avatar! As far as I'm concerned? Keep the pick up lines outta this! I don't need people ruining xbox live for me, games in general. I'm proud to be a gamer, because I don't have to worry about relationships, work, NONE of todays problems...except the achievements that are SO difficult to get, but for the people out there TRYING to pick up people while they're gaming? GET A LIFE!!! Thanks for responding and happy myLotting!!
• Canada
18 Aug 09
I personally don't like the avatars :P Too cartoony and are more focused on gaming like cod to really pay attention on that kind of stuff. Got the update, but didn't look into it at all lol. I'll see whats goin on though I guess :P
• Canada
18 Aug 09
They ARE cartoony, especially what with the big heads and all...but they have cute free outfits and accessories for them too of course. It's fun to dress them up and then save the outfits...but I'm a girl though, And if you haven't had a chance to play the 1 vs 100 beta (based on where you live that is) your avatars can dance too! Well hope you enjoy it once you are more used to the avatar, I think there are COD clothes for them too in the avatar marketplace though.