How often do you like to change your cell phone? You like last generation phone?

@icesmile (7172)
August 17, 2009 2:52pm CST
Is Important for you to change your cell phone all the time? You want all time to have the best cell phone? I like to have a phone to can communicate,, nothing more, i don t like change all the time my phone, because i like to keep my stuff, not change all the time.
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• Philippines
19 Aug 09
hi icesmile! I don't change my cellphone if there is nothing wrong with it. I know some people change phones whenever new models come out in the market. I don't. I can't afford to change phones that often.
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• China
18 Aug 09
Not important for me, in past 10 years, i only changed 2 cell phone. Frankly speaking, i am working for a mobile phone company, and in the company, i can get the free phone that is used for test, if the cell phone can be used for communicate, i think i will use the cell phone until it broke...
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@abenitez (501)
• United States
18 Aug 09
I like to change phones at least once a year. I love having the new phones and technology.
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@ibuemma (2954)
• United States
17 Aug 09
It's not important, but with the cell phone company i have right now, every 2 years they give you choice to get a new cell phone for free ( limited style and brand off course ) Usually i just take the offer and get newer model. I still can use my old SIM card so i don't lose any stuff that I have in my old cell.
• Belgium
17 Aug 09
No I do not like to change my cell phone often. Like you even for me the cell phone is only for communication and nothing more. I prefer to keep a separate music player and camera with me rather than having it in my mobile. So I would try to keep my cell phone with me for as long as it keeps working good. Till now in past 6 years I have changed my cell phone only once.
@rosekiss (30266)
• Eugene, Oregon
20 Aug 09
My phone is a 3G, and I just bought it 2 weeks ago. With verizon, I can change every year for a discount and once every 2 years for a free phone. The thing of it is the free phones wouldn't be all that much, and I like to hve features on mine, and I do have that, and also I use the internet on it, amd the pages load really fast. I do enjoy my phone as it has all the feature I could ever want or need. I will more than likely have this phone for awhile as I really like it. Take care, and happy mylotting.
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• Canada
24 Aug 09
I only change my cellphone when the one I am using stops working. I am on my 3rd cellphone in 9 years. I have another year left on the cellphone that i have right now, and if it still works in a year, I'll keep on using it. After that, I might get an iPhone. I'd love to get an iPhone.