what type of pool games do u like to play?

@ke0nxz (75)
August 17, 2009 4:35pm CST
i like mostly 9 ball games.. coz i dont like to see too much ball on the table and we need to set up the white ball for the next ball shot..hahaa need a skill there.. what do u guys like to play is it 9 ball competition or 8 ball or just classic?
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@Krysiana (90)
• United States
19 Aug 09
9ball is my game of choice. However, I also enjoy 8ball, 10ball, one pocket, straight pool, 7ball... honestly, I like pretty much every game.
@ke0nxz (75)
• Indonesia
19 Aug 09
hmm okay have u been on a tournament b4 in your life?? please tell me a little about your experience in pool table =)
• United States
19 Aug 09
Sure I've played several tournaments, though the ones I usually play are just weekly tournaments held by bars. The tournaments I end up playing in are either 8ball or 9ball, and the table size can vary.. they are usually on either a 7' table or a 9' table. I've played in a few different leagues, APA, BCA, UPA, & AZPL. Leagues are less competitive than tournaments, for the most part anyway, but they can still be a lot of fun.
@stanws (125)
• Stoughton, Massachusetts
12 Oct
I like 8, 9 and straight (14.1) pool. I play tons of 8 and 9 on my phone, too! Lol. Was in an 8 ball league. Meh. The team captain was a #*!@. I play the occasional tourney, both 8 and 9. Been awhile though since I hit an actual (as opposed to virtual!) table.
• Japan
22 Jun 10
9 balls is my choice because it's easy and not to much balls to shot and also the 7 balls too it's pretty easy:)
@kitty42 (3912)
• United States
21 Sep 09
Hello When I first stared 8 ball was all I knew,after watching the tournaments I learned how to play 9 ball and I would not like to go back to 8 ball like you said all those balls I can't believe I ever played that game lol 9 ball is the game to play and I love it,I use to be really good but I am out of practice but will play again eventually pool is my favorite game always have been always will. Thank you.