does one have to read the bible to be good?

@versio9 (329)
August 17, 2009 6:23pm CST
i think there are lots of good people who have not read the bible. and there are lots of bad people who read the bible. and does a talking snake really exist?
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@rayne2008 (143)
• Philippines
19 Aug 09
The bible is not the basis of ones personality or attitude. Its just a book of life or guidance but its not about everything.
@judy1988 (117)
• China
17 Aug 09
i think the truth will be similar,you dont have to read them all,just understand is enough,i had tried to read bible,but i sometimes cant concentrate,so i give up.
@se7enthbird (8327)
• Philippines
17 Aug 09
you dont need to read the bible to be good. goodness is in ourswelves. but if you read the bible and live with it then that is a different goodness as well. i agreee with you when you said that there are people who reads the bible but are bad. who goes to church freguently but is not living a life the way that God would be happy. i also know someone who reads the bible and goes to church but it is only for a purpose.