How much you spend on making calls from your cell phone?????????

August 17, 2009 9:18pm CST
as far myself is concerned i m bit lazy in making calls to anyone.This,i think, helps me saving money as well as saves me from harmful radiations from handset that may damage brain.... I prefer messaging to others by using massage cards.My monthly expenditure on cellphone is Rs.30 only..what about you??????what you prefer most?? calls or message???n why??????
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18 Aug 09
I don't have a prepaid phone, so I have a contract in which I have to pay around 50 dollars a month. I'm thinking of switching to prepaid, however, because I don't even make that many phone calls, it's just a waste of money.
@Trensue (5253)
• United States
18 Aug 09
I finally gave in for the $100 a month and I can do what ever I want. It just seemed easier than trying to keep track.