Ramen Gods

United States
August 18, 2009 12:25pm CST
I love me some noodles, but I think my favorite is ramen. I'm wondering where did ramen originate? I'm sure it's not from the land of the ramen gods, but a girl can imagine.
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@letsee77 (227)
• United States
18 Aug 09
Ramen is the Japanese version of the Chinese noodle soup dish, or spicifically the Chinese dish called La-Mian which translates to "pulled noodles" :D
• United States
19 Aug 09
Interesting...pulled ramen. I got to look that up. Thanks
@pushkin69 (546)
18 Aug 09
hey there. I LOVE ramen too. mmmmmm. I cant answer the question but I can share my love for them with you. We have them here in the Uk in the form of pot noodles but they are rubbish. I lived in Korea for a year and ate them almost every day. I loved kimchi ramen, they were my favourite for sure. Nothing like that with some kimbap. !
• United States
18 Aug 09
Yum, kimchi is really good. I've tried it a couple of times and I was like 'wow.' I like to experiment and taste different kinds of ramens just for the sole reason that they are delicious.
• United States
18 Aug 09
Land of ramen gods? That's great, god that guards the almighty noodles I've always thought of the tall Japanese mountains where men would make noodles with fresh spring water
• United States
18 Aug 09
That really makes sense though. Those Japanese men could be ramen gods in disguise.
@smilemoon (767)
• United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 12
I like noodles.
23 Feb 11
haha nice question.. if there is a ramen god he/she would love people like us who are a ramen lover. or maybe naruto... anyways ramen are the best!!
• Canada
26 Jan 10
Ramen Originated from a asian man in china. He was farming new ways to make rice, and found out he could squeeze out dough into long strands. He later on cooked them and fried them. They tasted delicious. One day he was making soup/ stew for his poor family. He was eating noodles as a appetizer and as he was picking one up he accidentally dropped it into his soup/stew. He picked it up with his chopsticks, ate it and found out it was delicious. He sold th erecipe became rich. Then later on japenese found out the recipe, they were experimenting with noodles, and eventually they found out they can mix noodles with things like fish balls. He later on Called it Ramen But if you want lets just say Ramen Gods Creator of all noodle like substances. The controler of all noodles. The Palace of Giant edible cooked noodles. The noodle queen and the noodle king!