Woman ... if they put the mind to it can do anything : MOVIE "MAD MONEY"

August 18, 2009 10:36pm CST
Three woman from different generations and walks of life - cheated the system and made lots and lots and lots of money ....They learned to work together perfectly in order to pull off this crimes. It shows middle age woman can still have fun and adventure. Friendship and relationship can happen in all situations ..There are alot of encouraging words and reflection of life. Diane Keaton (Janitor), Queen Latifah (Shredding) & Katie Holmes (Cleaner) works at the Federal Reserve Bank in different capacities They well-orchestrated a scheme to take (not stealing as the money is ment to be destroyed) in piles. The best part in the movie that i liked most is when Katie Holmes confesing to the crime in return for Latifah's release (as she has 2 children) - that bonding that they have is "super love" The term "mad money" refers to .... should i tell you the ending ?? if you have not watched it , it will spoil the whole movie Watch it and have fun !!!
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• India
4 Sep 09
Hello my friend sanjana_aslam Ji, Your way of expression has generated some eagarness to watch that movie. Let me find someone to take me , else I have to find out some CD. May God bless You and have a great time.