should i learn volleyball?

@dengyl (59)
August 19, 2009 2:47am CST
The sport I like most in the Olympic games is volleyball,but , to tell you the truth , I don't know it at all before .Now,I want to play it myself very much , but everytime when I saw my classmates'wounds in their hands , I gave up .It seems tirend and dangerous.So my friends,should I learn volleyball ?
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• Philippines
2 Mar 10
You may learn the sport in many ways without hurting yourself. If you are watching TV, look for techniques that might help you learn the sport. You may also look for videos on how to play volleyball. You may also get a PE subject of the sport you want to learn or you could practice in the gymnasium or anywhere with a ball and a wall. A wall is a perfect partner for practice if you don't have anybody with you to practice with. You could do passes, sets and even spikes in a wall with you not getting injured or hurt.
@shuyin101 (206)
• Philippines
22 Jan 10
Of course you should try it out. Most people tend to excel in the sports that they love so you should try it. Volleyball, of course, is tiring sport as well as every other sports out there. Well if you never get tired of playing a sport, it only means you dont really love that sport since your not giving it your all. And I don't think it's bad getting tired once in a while specially in a sport since it is really healthy. Injuries in volleyball is not really that frequent compared to other sports where you make physical contact with your opponent, the only physical contact that you will have is between you and the ball. Maybe those injuries that you have seen are not really injuries at all. In volleyball it is normal that you hurt the muscles in your hands. They surely will sore for a day or two but nothing beats the fun of playing the sport. Remember, No Pain No Game so go ahead and do your volleyball. :D
@aika07 (59)
• Singapore
15 Dec 09
volleyball is a great sport to learn, but i think that u should just follow ure heart. if u feel that u are able to endure the pain and enjoy the game then go for it! the pain is nth compared to the fun and joy u get from playing it. if not, just stick to watching videos of volleyball matches and get excited :)
@pop2160 (13)
• United States
25 Sep 09
If you like to run and be active LEARN IT.....honestly i use to play football and baseball in high school with some hockey on the side that was serious so i consider myself pretty athletic only problem was i am under sized and graduated from a small school so i went to college off my academics for engineering...when i got here i found out i missed the team atmosphere. i missed practicing...i missed hanging out w/ the guys....i missed it all from the bruises to the excitement of game day...on of my close friends played on our volleyball team...(my school only has like 10 teams including the girls teams and football and hockey aint one of the teams) he eventually convinced me to play and i love it...yes it can be tough i still haven't mastered passing which results in whole practices where i have to have a ball hit at me from the net and i have to pass it back to the setter.....but in all reality its not that bad its fun to run around dive on the floor get a ball that looks like no one should get to just because i tried hard...last year alone i played 4 or 5 balls that where close to the bench so close that i couldn't stop and had to jump the chairs.....once it was over our stat. coach keeps saying he wish i wouldn't do that but at the same time he knows i am a competitor and i don't give up on plays if i can think i can make them ( i for some reason think i can make it to ever ball as long as its still in play) any way my point is yes learn its a great sports its not easy so don't get discouraged and give up keep trying
@vball4 (30)
• Canada
14 Sep 09
I am a huge volleyball player myself and i absolutly love to play it. if you are a very active person and love your blood level rise instantly it is one of the best sports out there. I think for someone that has never played before it is an amazing sport to learn because it teaches how to be a team player and the intensity is amazing. especially the higher up you go skill wise. great for hand eye cordiation and definetly phyisically demanding. Its definetly worth it!!!
• China
4 Sep 09
go your way with your mind...
@Shebang (244)
• Philippines
3 Sep 09
I think playing volleyball comes with age. Volleyball is a game of flexibility. You have to be agile in court because you will be running after the ball. If you are like in high school, it's not yet too late. You can still catch up with rigid training and a patient coach. :) Getting yourself hurt while learning is part of it all. It's natural. They say no pain, no gain. Do not get discouraged just seeing your classmates get wounded. If that is so, then you can stop right there because you really don't have the motivation in the first place. You must have the passion and the commitment to do volleyball. But don't forget to enjoy.
@lso273 (2)
• China
2 Sep 09
To participate in volleyball can improve people's strength, speed, flexibility,endurance, jumping, reaction and other physical fitness and athletic ability, and improve the body organs and systems functioning status. so you should learn volleyball.
@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
20 Aug 09
If you are a person that likes sport and moves around well enough, you can learn volleyball without any problems. I've only had woulds and bruises on my hands when I was playing for the high school team and had to endure hours of training. If you only play volleyball for fun, without intensive training you can't hurt yourself. I think you should go ahead and learn volleyball. It's a nice sport, and you may come to enjoy it.