Make money emailing, doing facebook, posting on forums, or making YouTube videos

United States
August 19, 2009 7:55am CST
This is called LinkBucks. I found it a few weeks ago and thus far I love it. I has a low minimum payout($5) and a high paying range. Hare is what you do. You take a link that you want to give to someone (for instance a video of a funny bear falling into the water on Youtube)and paste it into linkbucks. Linkbucks then gives you a special link to give that person. There are 3 options: Top Banner which pays you .005 for every click, A popup (which is blocked by most popup blockers but you get paid anyway) for .01 a click, and a Intermission ad which takes a few seconds then goes to the page for .02 a click. I dont use intermission ads much because they frustrate people. They also have a pretty good referral system that is 3-tiered meaning that you reffer someone then also get a % of that person's referrals. It is good for the referee and the referrer as well. If you refer someone you get the percentage added on top (so the referee doesn't loose anything) AND the referee gets an extra dollar in his/her account. Sound cool guys? Any feedback? Link:
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