How do you do it?

United States
August 19, 2009 9:55am CST
I can't for the life of me do the splits. If I ever try my legs won't spread far enough and it sometimes hurt. Give me some good tips on how to accomplish this feat.
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@matronix (10)
• Belgium
25 Aug 09
Keep practicing, never give up, like my trainer always says: 'train hard or go home' :) You can do it !
• United States
26 Aug 09
I like that quote, thanks for the vote of confidence.
@letsee77 (227)
• United States
19 Aug 09
Some people are really limber and can do splits easily others have to put some work into training their body. I would suggest streching every day for short periods of time. You could sit on the floor with one leg to the side and the other streched out in front of you, trying to keep your back staight with your oppostite hand, (if you have your left leg out in front of you, use your right hand) reach down and touch your toes, you will feel some pulling in your muscles but should not be painful. If it's painful only go as far as you can before it becomes uncomfortable. Always go only as far that's comfortable to you, you don't want to hurt yourself. Hold this for about 1-2 mins. Do the same with the opposite leg. You could also do this by attempting a split going as far as you can, not so far that it's uncomfortable or painful but you'll feel it in your muscles, and hold that position for 1-3 mins. There are other ways to condition your body, with other stretches you can try. You could look them up online I'm sure you'll find quite a few. You should never jump right into something though. I know some people ask their doctors before they start any type of exercize routine. If you do decide that you would like to go ahead and try, always start with the least amonut of time try 1 minute and give yourself a break the next day. The third day try a minute and a half or 2 minutes. Never over do it and only what your comfortable with. Skipping a day is supposed to give your muscles a chance to repair, as when you do stretches you'r actually stretching your muscles. So before you do it again you skip a day. I'm not an expert and only speak from personal experience and what I've learned. But I hope I was able to help some.
• United States
20 Aug 09
Very informative. Thank you lots.
• United States
19 Aug 09
You just have to practice. Spread further and further and eventually you will be able to do it, side splits are easier the straight. Best of luck.
• United States
19 Aug 09
Thanks for the tips. I'll try doing some warm-up stretches whenever I attempt to do the splits again.
30 Sep 10
I suggest just pratice practice practice. Sit in front of the tv or doing your work whilst trying to do the splits. Make sure you streach both before and after. I have been able to do the splits all my life. I mean all my life, my mum says I used to crawl as a baby in side splits instead of on my knees so it has always been natural to me. i hope you manage to master the splits eventually =]
@karen1969 (1788)
21 May 10
You need to warm up well and do stretching exercises for your hips. I am 40 and can still do the splits. Try swinging your legs forward and back, then side to side. Also high kicks forwards, back and side - keep your legs straight and your toes pointed. Yoga has some good stretching and flexibility moves too. Look on You Tube as that will have some tips and exercises too. Also practice every day!