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August 19, 2009 7:46pm CST
What do you attribute to the success of certain individuals? Is it somehow related to their innate talents, or are there no such things as innate talents? Society seems to suggest there are, but we may be ignoring the importance/significance of arbitrary factors that influence whether or not a person is successful. How much of success can be attributed to the individual, as opposed to his or her environment?
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@mama_bear (1124)
• Canada
20 Aug 09
just lately i attribute it to a combination of factors amongst these are talent, connections and means. you are nothing in the world just lately and you will not make it very far if you do not network or have the right connections. it is about who you know and who can open doors for you. it is one thing to have the talent or brains, but if you do not have that one person out there who will vouch for you or give you a chance, your talent then does not matter. talent can only get you so far, but you need someone who will actually help you get your foot in the door, once you are in that door then you can wow whoever it is you need to with your talent.