What's the best time to travel to Hong Kong?

August 20, 2009 12:44am CST
Hi myLotters, since you are from different countries and I am sure one of you visited Hong Kong in the past, I want to ask you what is the best time to visit HK? I was initially want to go on October, but since my office works seems so much during that month, I want to go there on November? Is it the right time? It's fall in October, and I go there with my mom and sister. Is it sale season at the time since they want to go shopping crazily there, cause we heard the prices of branded stuff drops significantly on certain month. I also want to visit Disneyland, but I am thinking if it's raining season, then it's waste of time and money to go there. Please give me advise as I want to book the hotel and flight ASAP. THANK YOU!
2 responses
• United States
20 Aug 09
I would say not in the summer or winter since the weather gets really extreme. In the winter, you can't leave anywhere without a heavy coat and in the summer you can't go anywhere with anything more than a t-shirt. I'm not sure when sale season is but there is a lot to buy in Hong Kong all year long
• Indonesia
20 Aug 09
I'm planning to go on November or December, it's autumn season at that time right? So he weather must be warm, but I don't know if there's gonna be a lot of rain. I hate if it is rain cause very difficult to walk from places to other places.I don't mind with extreme hot, been used to my country's climate which is hotter and more polluted than HK. Thanks for the response!
• Philippines
20 Aug 09
I have read that the best time to travel to Hong Kong is at its sale season.I think it's in the summer.prices for goods are marked down.for a shopaholic,it's the best time to travel.
• Indonesia
23 Aug 09
Yes, it is indeed the best season if you want to travel there. but I also heard that there are many designers outlets that offer a very big discount from last season items. So I think although I did not go there in summer, my sister and my mom can get a good bargained price. Thanks for the response!