Has Anyone Tried MX3 Herbal Capsules/Tea? Can It Really Shrink Goiter?

@veronizm (909)
August 20, 2009 4:26am CST
If you're a Cebuano you must have heard about MX3 Herbal capsules in radios with testimonials from different users on how their illness/es were cured just by taking the said capsules/tea. One particular testimonial that interests me the most is about how this person's goiter shrunk when he took the MX3 Herbal Tea. I myself have a small goiter and I'm afraid it might be growing in size. Before I'd go see a doctor I'd want to give MX3 a try because at least, (as what it claims) it is herbal & just a food supplement -- I don't want to take any medications. Has anyone tried it? I'd want to make great research first before I'd go gulp some. :)