How do you divide your monthly income for your household?

United States
August 20, 2009 9:38am CST
Once a girl gets married,she leaves her parents,her friends,all blood relatives,if required her job too to join her hubby in another city or country. All of a sudden there are many changes in her life.when it comes to financial matters,should she give away all her earnings blindly to run the house or she should save some percent of it to her personal needs.Is it wrong to ask for her pocket money if she is working. Pls share your ideas.thank you very much.
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• United States
21 Aug 09
If you are in charge of taking care of the family and the household you have to take care of yourself too! So of course you should have money. You should always have money because you may need to get something important. What if you have to go to the hospital for an emergency and you need money for a taxi..or gas for your car. What if you need some new clothes. There are so many things that you will need. You have to think of yourself too. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!!
@PeacefulWmn9 (10424)
• United States
21 Aug 09
Hi Sureyasa. Since I am on my own...I divide it between all the bill collectors only lol. When I was married, I kept some savings for myself in a separate acct. and put the rest toward bills. When the kids were all home, they each got a weekly allowance. Karen
• Canada
6 Sep 09
Why do you assume a woman leaves her home in all cases of marriage, leaves her job, leaves her friends, and follows? My husband and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary tomorrow (September 6, 2009). When we got married, it was easier for HIM to retire, and move up to Canada where I live. Why is it so widely assumed that the woman does all the changing? As for finances, we each have certain responsibilities. I pay the rent, he pays for grocceries, and the hydro electric bill, along with cable and internet use. This comes out to about the same as the rent would be. I pay for my phone line, and he pays for his, since his is a VOIP with an American number. He has recently received a jump in his monthly income, and now gets double what I get, so he thinks it's a good idea to even it out by giving me spending money for the month, something I never asked him to do before when things were equal financially. If I were the one whose income were to double and his stayed the same I'd give him spending money. I don't think either spouse should ahve to hand over all of their money in a marriage. i think it's important that both spouses try and live as equally as possible.