Question for anyone who plays or simulates nba live series the video game

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August 20, 2009 10:55am CST
Nba live is a basketball video game in i have and simulate, and i have a few questions. What kind of staff do you hire? Do you hire the best of each staff? Such as the best assistant headcoach with high grades in development and leadership, a good scout, a good trainer and a good assitant or two? Or do you go for two or three assistants? And how do you train your players in order to have their overall ratings and individual ratings increase faster? And for the assistant headcoach, why do the assistant headcoaches have a development grade? And why are assistant headcoaches who are trainers more effective? I hope somebody who's a fan of nba live can answer these questions.
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31 Aug 09
Hi there, 1.) When building your staff on the dynasty mode the idea is you have to try and get the best staff you can with the salary you have available. This means that you have to mix and match with coaches rated B's for instance to get the best possible team of staff working for you. The development grade is to do with how the particular coach is rated, they can increase that grade by how they work in your team of staff. ie improving the players. 2.) With your players overall ratings, you cannot as such train them but as you move through the season you will notice your players skills rise and fall depending on how they are performing in certain areas. For instance if you have a player who is not generally regarded as a great three point shooter but because of the spacing on the floor he makes a higher percentage of those shots than normal his skill level will rise accordingly. I hope this helps and As I am a bit of a wiz kid on the NBA Live series I would be happy to help you further.
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5 Dec 09
Thanks, i've been a big fan of live since 1998 and i have nba live 07 for the pc with the roster updates that i download from this forum. It has the updates, and i mean every update which includes, the coaches, the rookies all the players in the nba missing legends, seattle changed to oklahoma city, i think you would enjoy this site. Its a site that talks about basketball and the nba live video game series, i got the roster updates as accurate as of november 27, 2009. Any way, i have some comments and questions kind of, i'm glad that you're an expert and have responded to my discussion, because i need as much help as possible in this game. Now i also have the game for the playstation 2, i did a fantasy draft and i drafetd Lebron James first then a bunch of rookies at the times up to a 2 or 3 year pro. I have players like adam morrison and andrea bargnani, i love training bagnani in defense, i think i turned him into an inside stopper once. I hope that we can keep talking about nba live video game in this discussion because i love talking to people about that game, so lets get started. First during the season i find some idiotic coaching results from my assistant/s sometimes, like powerforwards improving in stealing and point gaurds improving in blocking, i don't like that. I don't like it when powerforwards have higher stealing stats, (Unless less they're small like 230 and under) than blocking stats. I absolutely abhore point gaurds improving in blocking, i feel that a point gaurd should be a decent stealer, have a decent stealing stat say around 70. But sometimes i enjoy seeing those individual ratings for those positions because, i sometimes use a bigman assistant to train point gaurds and shooting gaurds just to have fun and see them improve in blocking and inside scoring. Now lets get to a question that i have for you, in the dynasty help section, when it says that the training assistant headcoaches are the best assistant headcoaches? In my fantasy draft mentioned earlier, i hired a low rated scout and a low rated trainer and got two assistants, one assistant has an a+ in offense and athletics and a d in defense, and the other assistant has some kind of a c grade in offense and b grades indefense and athletics and my assistant headcoach is a trainer with an a+ development grade and an a in leadership. Are those good staff members for my team? I got three million dollars from my owner in the game, my starting five is my center bargnani, powerforward marvin williams, lebron james, adam morrison and jameer nelson. I'm building a team which should take about 4 or 5 years depending on how strong the drafts are, hopefully they won't be mostly weak, very weak or average. So, let me ask you another thing, with the staff that i have, what kind of rookies do you think i should draft? And with the staff that i have, how fast do you think my players will improve in individual ratings? My dream is to turn bargnani and morrison into stoppers, especially morrison since his stealing stat is so low it'll be a good challenge.