Cooking for a prize of £1000, what would you choose to make?

August 20, 2009 11:53am CST
One of my favourite shows at the moment is [I]Come Dine With Me[/I], and it has inspired this question: In each episode of that show - 4 episodes run over 4 days - 4 strangers are asked to host a dinner party and rate each others attempts in secret. The person who gets the highest score wins £1000. After watching [I]Come Dine With Me[/I] today I was set to wondering what mylotters would prepare if they had to host such a dinner party, hence this discussion lol. I being quite dull, and having never hosted a dinner party before, would probably cook the only things I know I can do: Starter: Garlic Mushrooms Main Course: Chicken, mushroom and sweetcorn tagliatelle Dessert: Apple crumble and custard I am not entirely sure if there would be entertainment, except for some rather deep life discussions around the table perhaps. But I imagine that there would be wine somewhere, though I am not much of a drinker, since that seems to be something demanded in the UK when you host a dinner party! But I don't think there would be much more so I don't think I would win the £1000 prize lol. But yea, if you were suddenly host a dinner party for 3 strangers what would you cook, and would it be different than the food you normally prepare because you are competing to win a prize? (And lastly if you want, do you think you would be able to win the prize with what you have written here? lol) Thank you for your response :) Dranz
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