The Beast And I

August 20, 2009 11:56am CST
Have you ever pictured yourself literally standing or close to a giant animal like elephants, giraffe or hippopotamus? If you were thrilled by the movie Dances with Wolves by Kevin Costner, I can assure you the extreme thrill when you get close to gigantic animals. I have experienced going beside elephants but try and picture this swimming in the deep blue ocean with a humpback whale. Having been with land elephants, I just can imagine the awe of an underwater experience with the world's largest mammals. I think the closest I have come was a whale watching experience when I was visiting New Zealand and the sight of it's tail up so close to our boat is just one of the awesome experience. Now, with this photographer actually getting up close with this mammoth giant is really a feat and I just cannot help remembering my last whale watching expedition. Have you ever had this awesome experience with a real life giant? What are your thoughts? It is said in the bible that God had actually place men to take care and control all other creatures on earth, yet when I see this picture I am just reminded of our great God who has vested so much in us. What is your take? Ref: Pictures Are Awesome Here
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