Shots! Eek!

United States
August 20, 2009 11:28pm CST
My two daughters, 7 months and almost 19 months, had their checkups today, and it was really good! Both were above the 75 percentile for everything, and they are way ahead in their skills, which makes Mama so proud! Their social skills aren't as high, but that is fine, they babble and talk enough, they will talk when they want to :) Both of them had to get shots, and my older daughter knew as soon as we were in the room that something bad was going to happen LOL! She hated it, and cried, and my younger daughter screamed her brains out because she got 3 shots in her leg (POOR THING!!!) and had an oral vaccine as well. As soon as my younger daughter was done with her shots I put her in her carseat and she IMMEDIATELY fell asleep lol, she was so tired from her crying she passed out lol. What are some of your experiences with your child having their checkups or going to the doctor?
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