A Chinese Basset boy says "Hello" and wants to make friends here

Chinese Basset boy - Look,this is me, a Chinese Basset boy.
August 21, 2009 2:24am CST
Hi,there! I'm a Chinese Basset boy. 5 years ago my mother took me home from a dark, black and wet storage. Since then I have started a new life. I live in the clean and bright house, eat meat or pets'food everyday, sometimes drink milk or yoghurt. Because my mother is so busy, I have to walk with her twice a day, in the evening; and I take a shower twice a week too. Hey, I don't know how often you go for a walk with your parents and how often you take a shower, if you don't mind, tell me please, so I can discuss with my mother and change a schedule for me. Thanks!
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