What is WoW And why do people play it? :(

@boisson (256)
Hong Kong
August 21, 2009 8:57am CST
My buddy's hooked onto this World of Warcraft, and I really don't see the point of him spending 6 hours a day messing around in a virtual world :( So, I says to myself :3 Boisson, you don't even know what this WoW is like, so why do you dare to judge him? It seems such a waste to spend monthly income on a game when you can go buy your ps2's nad ps3's and own a game forever.
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@Daraiki (52)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
26 Aug 09
If it's sic hours a day he can consider himself lucky. I've seen it destroying people's lives. It simply cannot be taken into moderation. The only way people can play this game for a long time and safe is under a couple of conditions. If you share an account with your closest friends you will limit yourself to about 3h a day. It really is a good balanced game but the toll it takes is way to much.
@boisson (256)
• Hong Kong
27 Aug 09
MORE THAN SIX HOURS? Oo Ouch, that game must be seriously addicting :( Well, that put me off considering games (: Thanks for your comment./
• Sri Lanka
22 Aug 09
Actually.. World of Warcraft (WOW) is a waste of money and time. I play a game called runescape which is similar to WOW but free. Many of us like these games because it gives us an opportunity to talk with people from other countries and play many exiting games with them or compete with them. It is't that much of a bad idea to join one of these games
@boisson (256)
• Hong Kong
22 Aug 09
Ah, I've heard of runescape (: Some of my schoolmates play it. I think I'll stick with Mylotting though, as I think I'll feel more at home here than in a virtual world :3 Thanks for posting and for voicing out your opinion (:
@awaha81 (23)
• United States
20 Sep 09
I play this game myself and I really enjoy it. Depending on what I have planned in my day I may log on to it for 15 minutes or a few hours, some days I don't even want to play it. I can see how the game can become addicting. It gives you an escape from reality and it can also realieve stress. I believe that the people that become addicted to this game already have an addictive personality. If they were not addicted to this game they would've become addicted to somthing else. Myself I would never let this game destroy or even interfere with my real life.