Prohibition And The War On Drugs

@gewcew23 (8011)
United States
August 21, 2009 12:13pm CST
If we do not study our history we are doom to repeat it again, proof of this idiom is the current war on drugs. The similarity are uncanny yet we are so willing to keep going down the same paths. Prohibition outlaw the buying, selling or trading of alcoholic drinks in America. America a traditional American beer drinking country, resorted to smuggling Canadian whisky, Jamaican rum, and Mexican tequila, or even worse making bathtub gin. Today by outlawing domestic production of marijuana, we not only smuggle it in, but also more dangerous drugs like cocaine and making meth. The making of meth and the making of bathtub gin are both very dangerous to the creator and user. Both prohibition and the war on drugs created crime that would not have happen without the outlawed substance. The current war on drug has the same character as the days of prohibition. Men like Al Capone could have lived in today's time and had the same career. Law enforcement had the same issues, and adjusted to inflation have gone through as much resources. Prohibition was one of the causes of the Crash of 29. Most economist do not connect the two, but one has too. A whole sector of American industry had to close their operation and fired all their employees. A lot of money was take out of the economy to stop the smuggling of out of country alcohol and domestic bootlegging which none could be taxed. Today we have kill a whole textile industry, the hemp industry. Also we have taken of the table profitable crops that American farmer could grow if they chose. Instead we allow a drug lord down in Columbia or Mexico to do it for us. Talk about out sourcing.
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