we need to be with some elses family !!

August 21, 2009 7:05pm CST
yes ! that exposure to another family makes us value our own . after being with my in-laws family i value my parents more ...the sacrifices my father made to educate us is so much ... i never seen him getting him self anything new all those years with him ... he valued money, he saved them for our education ... the sacrifice my mother made, her life in return for ours ... i love my family more now !!!
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• India
22 Aug 09
Hi Sanjana, Its good that you are appreciating your parents more. However, I have lived with my in-laws for 10 years and I owe a lot to them. Each family has its own value system and parents sacrifice a lot or take up a lot of additional burden for their children’s future. My in-laws did the same for me…my new born baby was practically taken care of by my MIL while I worked at office…OK the money was needed but that in no way lessens what she has done for me…also my FIL, he too has been wonderful. I am indebted to my in-laws for so much that I cant really decide whom I value more…my own family or my in-laws!
• Malaysia
22 Aug 09
hi sudip .. you are so lucky that you got a wonderful in-laws ... wish you all the best
• United States
22 Aug 09
Oh my goodness, the SAME thing is happening to me right now! I recently moved to California in the U.S. and I'm living with another family and going to school. Being with this family has changed my persective entirely on the way other's families work and how people treat eachother. Bets of all It's taught me how I should approach people better. Now I get immediate negative if I do something that people don't like. Insteasead of your parents and other family members just blowing off anything that you did that they didn't like, in another families house you can really see how everything can work differently. Another great aspect of living with another family is the fact that you relize how much of your BS your family has had to put up with and you can finally go back and truly understand what they went through with you. Of course you also see that every family is disfunctional and don't feel as bad when you see that some people are even more F***** than you are XD Cheers!