Got any Motown lovers in the House?

@Citychic (4078)
United States
August 21, 2009 10:40pm CST
hey mylotters, i want to know who love motown Music, me I'm a number one fan! The music of Motown will never die, do you agree or disagree, tell me what you like about it or if you hate it I want to know about that too........ Let's talk mylotters
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11 Oct 09
While Berry Gordy is credited as the owner/founder of Motown Records, it was actually William "Smokey" Robinson who actually suggested it to him, "Why don't you start your own record company?" Berry Gordy actually started off as the manager of The Miracles that included Smokey Robinson as their lead singer. The group had a few local hits, but it seemed that Berry was complaining to Smokey about the abnormally low returns from the other record companies. That was what prompted Smokey's suggestion. So by taking out a loan, Berry started Tamla, Gordy Records, & the Miracle Labels. He also ended up acquiring Anna Records from his sister, Anna Gordy, & that was what formed the Motown Record Company. It is also probably the very first, & most well-known enterprise/company/firm that was started by an African American. Jumping ahead probably 50 years later, I understand that the record company is now a subsidiary of MCA-Universal, probably known as Universal Music Group. Uh - I challenge you on being the #1 fan ...
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24 Oct 09
• Philippines
26 Oct 12
It's impossible to tell who's the # 1 fan of course. How could one measure it? I am def. NOT! Simply because I was born too late and not in the USA. But for sure I am a fan.