Have you come across a website that pays you for your own work?

August 22, 2009 12:28am CST
I am fedup with all those tall claims of earning money which are made by many websites. However, is there anyone here who is earning money online just through your own effort without having to make any members or involves selling. Is there any such website which pays your for your online service on a monthly basis. Kindly share your true comments and experiences ( both good and bad ) about earning money online. .
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• India
22 Aug 09
Hi, No. I have not come across any website so far that pays me for online service every month.Earning money online is not an easy task as far as I am concerned.Anybody finding good in this direction may pls offer their valuable suggetions.Is it possible to earn every month without any problem ?.
• India
23 Aug 09
Thanks for the reply.I will try and find out.