have you ever been on a blind date?

August 22, 2009 5:33am CST
Have you ever been on a blind date? How did it get set up? Did it go good or bad? I'm sure everyone has seen the show blind date. I think that would be fun getting set up w/ someone and having no idea what they looked like or what they would be like. I would like to go on a blind date, how do you get set up on an actual blind date?
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• Philippines
22 Aug 09
yes, ive been to a blind date once during college days. among my girlfriends i was the only one who doesn't have a boyfriend so they were trying very hard to find me one. so this friend of mine set me on a blind date with the cousin of his brother. our meeting place was in a restaurant bar so i dress for the occasion. when we arrived at the bar my friend's boyfriend was already sitted in the table he reserved for us. he waved to us and beside him is a guy whom i thought was somewhere between 30 to 35. i was only 18 then...when we were already seated of course after the introductions i noticed that he was wearing a black leather jacket over a brown polo shirt and his hair smells like pomade. he talks a lot mostly about himself and often licks his lips. i started to get bored and couldn't wait to end the night but i don't want to be rude so i just sit there and endure the moment. thankfully he excused himself saying he needs to go to the comfort room...that's when i noticed that he was wearing a leather pants...i thought why on earth is he in leather attire? so i asked my friend's boyfriend how old is his cousin...he is only 22 years old and yet the way he dress he looks like he is already going 40s...after that first one i never agreed to a blind date again...
@savypat (20246)
• United States
22 Aug 09
Would you believe I met my Hubby on a blind date, I never wanted to see him again, but he kept coming around and one day he hit me when I had had a really bad day so I went out a second time with him. He treated me better then anyone ever had and I was hooked. Still am after 50 years.