What kind of cellphone do you use?

August 22, 2009 7:41am CST
I use the O2. That cellphone is nice to use internet by Wi-fi. Very interesting when you online by cellphone, they use the good way to arrange the lay out of 01 page and can use many pages together. but I would like to use the cellphone which can use firefox, it's maybe more better to user. What kinds of cellphone do you use? iPhone, apple, blackbery, vodaphone?
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@mrfierdu (25)
• Bangladesh
24 Aug 09
Hey....... I m using Nokia 6600 & LG.... I'm using NOK6600 for about 4years.. :) It's really interesting to see how many things are included in such a small handset.. Yet I prefer basic sets with basic features like texting.. calling.. There is a sayings in my country.. 52bisoye MA pass kajer na.. means.. M.A. (Masters) in 52 disciplines doesn't really worth anything... LOLz.. don't get me wrong.. Happy mylotting..
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
22 Aug 09
Up to this point I've never owned a cell phone actually..but we are considering getting phones for the family...What kind to i want? LOL one that works..other than thatI have no clue! I just know I dont need all the bells and whistles that come with so many of the phones today..
• India
22 Aug 09
Currently, I am using a java pone of Nokia 3110c. This one is a basic handset which provides only the very essential features. I don't like this phone. Now, i am reading reviews about the new smart phone from Nokia. It is E52. It's a cool business class phone which provides sophisticated facilities like 3G, video calling and many more. But this costs much. I would like to use smart phones from Nokia. They perform really well and everybody would love those gadgets. I hope I would buy it in 6 months (Lolz)