How does a womanizer a womanizer.

Trinidad And Tobago
August 22, 2009 8:54am CST
I contend that women make men womanizers. Women are flattered by the attention of other women' men and often find it a challenge to destroy a relationship. Thus the fable that all the good men are taken.
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@khrackow (23)
• United States
23 Aug 09
A womaniser has all kings of issues, mommy issues, daddy issues and God knows what else. Because of such issues he is not able to find the right woman, so he settles for someone who isn't right for him, so he remains open to other possibilities. And there are a lot of women with the same kind of or similar issues. The more you grow, the harder it gets to meet someone whose growth is equal to yours, because most people don't really grow, they just adapt. Oh, the games that people play!
• Trinidad And Tobago
24 Aug 09
but possibilities can only come to him because women make themselves available. Some women only date men with wives or girlfriends
@StarBright (2799)
• United States
22 Aug 09
The womanizer suffers from low self-esteem. He hides it by making every woman fall head over heels in love with him then lets them down by having MANY other girls on the side. The womanizer usually has never had a relationip with his father or other male mentor as a child. Thus he feels insecure as a man. He is manipulative. His acts of love are superficial and insincere and he can be mean and brutal within minutes of his most ardent loving. So you see, Rosemango, I can't agree that women make men womanizers. Women are victims of womanizers. If he won't get help, Run!! Head for the nearest exit!! You have a very sick man on your hands - one with no conscious.
@eLsMarie (4148)
• Philippines
22 Aug 09
a man is said to be a womanizer of he's not contented with only one girl... when he just let himself be tempted by other girls although he already has a girlfriend... tsk!