The Official "How Do I Earn Money On The Internet Thread"?

@diamania (7037)
August 22, 2009 9:45am CST
I've decided to come up with a resource discussion for those who want to earn money on the internet. It will contain information and links on how to earn money on the internet. And no I am not going to talk about PTC sites. I'll try to update this discussion as often as possible! If you have any contributions tell me :D --- First it is important to determine in which way you want to earn money. Let's jot down a few serious possibilities. ( thus no ptc nonsense) - Affiliate Marketeer. You sell products for companies. Your English command is great and you know how to convince people with the least words possible. You know how to apply seo to your site. Downsides of this methods are: Initial investment needed + advanced internet knowledge. It is possible to make thousands of dollars a month though. Furthermore you will have a list of customers and are thus able to get them to sign up for PTC sites as well ( if you're that much into PTC sites ) - Running erands. Someone who does tasks for people and companies on the internet. Including translation works, data entry ( not the casual 1 dollar per year garbage), sign ups, tweets, etcetera etcetera. It does not pay much unless you do translation works or scripting. Initial investment not necessary. is one of the "a few cents per errand" sites. There are also sites with more serious earning programms. Please google. - PPI. Pay per install. Someone who is in the PPI business needs people to install certain software which have the option to install toolbars. Per install you get a few dollars. Be aware of the fact though that these toolbars come up with spyware so you're actually infecting a computer. Might not be suitable for those who have a clear mind. - Website. When you have your website you could of course live from the advertisements. But you might as well offer services such as chatting with people suffering from certain problems and help them against a small fee. There are also other possibilities like selling products. All methods require initial investments. This is it for now. I'll update when people comment otherwise it is not possible to update unless I open multiple discussions. Which I am not going to do. :)
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